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I really, really enjoyed this book! When you walk away at the end of a book wishing you were the C.I.A. operative’s love interest, despite already having a great husband at home…the author has done a fantastic job of creating unforgettable characters. I cannot wait to read the next one in this series…


I love a lighthearted romance/ mystery story and this book did not disappoint! I really enjoyed the author's writing style and felt transported into the story with her descriptive way of writing. Looking forward to reading more of Mitch and Tori's story in the next book!

- Angela C

But, yep questions, and more to the point, When in 2021?
I am dying here, this far I loved every manipulative minute, however, it's not over ...
Sooooooo ...
NEXT ... !!!!!!!!!!!!


I was hooked from the very beginning. Great story - adventure, mystery, and romance all in one. - Nancy P.

Rose Walken builds the romance and mystery in The Raven’s Call! College accounting student Tori McKinley is looking forward to finishing her degree and settling into something simple. But when she falls for new professor Mitch Logan, a man who secretly works for the CIA, she gets more than she bargained for. Walken’s writing is witty and fun, but also gets your heart pumping when it needs to! This book had the perfect blend of romance and mystery, making it a really fun and heartfelt read! If you love more lighthearted spy missions coupled with romance, definitely get out your calculator and enroll with The Raven’s Call!

- J. Grant

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