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Shadow on Concrete Wall


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A life-changing meeting will lead them both to the greatest love...or the most devastating heartbreak...


After years spent doing all the right things—providing for her young son, finishing her degree, and staying away from the wrong men she seems destined to fall for—Tori McKinley isn’t looking for temptation. 


And temptation is exactly what the hot new accounting head, Professor Mitch Logan, brings.


Logan “Raven” Ravenschall has made a career out of using his good looks and smooth tongue to ferret out information from the international elite and reporting it back to the Central Intelligence Agency. Closing in on his last year as an active agent, Raven is sidelined by a personal mission: one he needs Tori’s help with. Posing as the new accounting head at San Francisco State University provides a way to earn her trust. 


He never expects to want to keep it. 


As Raven’s past closes in and throws them all into danger, the question burns...if they make it out alive, can an attraction based on lies lead to anything but devastation and heartbreak? 


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Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 8.37.02 AM.png


The gripping drama continues in this second installment of the Emerald Raven series, The Raven’s Fall. 


Tori McKinley is still reeling from the discovery that the professor who offered her a once-in-a-lifetime internship isn’t what—or who—he seems.  In fact, he’s a CIA officer on a covert mission whose decision to involve her has now put everyone she loves in danger. She must accept his protection, but this wary single mom refuses to give in to his seduction. At least, not until he reveals all his secrets. 


Logan Ravenschall isn't easily surprised. But when his rescue operation is preempted, he’s woefully unprepared. New developments will force him to accept help from an unlikely source to ensure Tori and her loved ones' safety.


As an invisible web of corruption threatens to entangle them all, the attraction between Tori and Logan will ignite. It’s anyone’s guess if the pair can overcome their rocky beginnings, but if they do, the resulting heat may set fire to any obstacle that stands in their path.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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