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Gerbera Flower


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A single mom disillusioned by liars meets a desperate CIA agent who’ll stop at nothing to complete his mission.


Victoria McKinley is picking up the pieces after repeated failures in love; one which resulted in the loss of her son’s father to addiction. Focused, she abstains from relationships and pursues an accounting degree in sunny California. 


That is, until the enigmatic new department head drops a dream internship at her feet. 


The problem? Mr. Mysterious is holding back information and Tori is done giving her heart to lying men. Even if he’s doing it for all the right reasons...


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Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 8.37.02 AM.png


A professional seducer must face a new conundrum: Can he win the heart of a woman who despises everything he stands for?


Raven can’t believe his luck when the perfect candidate for his newest covert operation ends up a 30-something single mom with intelligent hazel eyes and a demure personality. And even when he discovers she’s no one’s pushover, he can’t imagine a better accomplice. 


Still, he never expects to see her once the mission is over. Until she becomes the only future worth living for.


With things far from completed, he now has a new set of challenges to face. The biggest one to his burgeoning feelings? The certainty that Tori will never forgive him for endangering the people she treasures most. It’s a good thing he’s used to beating all odds... and has no intention of playing fair.

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​The wounds of the past collide with the perils of the present, as former high school sweethearts Elizabeth and David are forced to confront their painful history.

Widowed mom, Liz, has picked up the pieces of her life after two crushing heartaches. First, when David—her high school sweetheart—pushed her into the arms of another man, and then several years later, when her husband died of cancer. 

David left Liz heartbroken ten years ago. Now with a career shrouded in secrecy and a string of flings behind him, he resurfaces in her life, offering her and her son protection from dangerous enemies.


As old tensions and new wounds surface, the two must navigate their way through a treacherous landscape where danger lurks around every corner. Can they overcome the pain of their past and find love again, or will the scars of their history prove too much to bear? 


Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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