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Blog Update

I had every intention of continuing my monthly blog posts once the new year (2023) came. However, I underestimated the gripping power of the two stories that have been consuming the majority of my time. Rather than fight them for that time, I'm going to continue the pause on the blog posts, with the exception of important updates.

However, if you'd like to hear more in-depth news and have yet to sign up for my newsletter, please visit my author bio page and sign up at the bottom of the page. The newsletters are sent out monthly (with few exceptions), and contain behind-the-scene content, contest/giveaway opportunities, and updates on current and future projects.

As my newsletter subscribers know, I am currently working on a fairytale retelling and a supernatural romance. I know, I know. A bit different from our favorite CIA agent and crew. But, you know, I've never been one to follow a traditional path...

If you want to know how Ana has been faring since the shocking events at the end of The Widow's Wall, stay tuned for the release of her story in the spring of 2024!

Enjoy the coming weeks that bring us spring, flowers, and more time spent with loved ones.

Happy reading!


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